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Pupil Progress

 Russet House School has a new method of assessing and evidencing pupil progress.

In the past Russet House pupils in year 1 and above have been assessed against levels know as p-scales which were published by the government and which had to be used by all schools. The government has said that schools should not use the p-scales any longer and that schools should devise their own method for measuring pupils’ progress.

As a school, our teachers, Phase Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team have developed a new Pupil Progress Framework, consisting of Progress Pathways. Each pathway involves a series of 32 statements for each area of the curriculum (e.g. English – reading, English – writing, Maths - number, science etc.) and also for the different aspects of our life skills curriculum.

Staff are now using an App called Evidence for Learning to capture photos and videos of pupils (on school devices) when they are working and playing which shows how well pupils are doing. The staff then link pupils’ achievements to one or more of the statements from the Subject Progress Pathways. We are using this for all our pupils across the school.

By using this App we are able to demonstrate the progress pupils have made and class teachers will share some of the photos/ videos at Annual Reviews.

We are hoping to get an example of how the App works in a school from the company which produces it; we will update you if we are able to do so and place it here on our website.

If you require further information, please contact the class teacher via the Home-School book or phone the school office and ask to speak with the Assessment Co-ordinator.